Our Mission

We believe in deeper relationships and better community. We wanted a social network that benefited our mental health by focusing on “What’s Next” with friends, instead of what already happened. We also believe seeing friends is fun. Planning time to see them should be too.
A Few Year's Ago... I was sitting on my couch in Los Angeles and I was stuck. Not on the couch…(although it was comfy), but stuck with a problem.

Social Networks were no longer helping me be social…Sure they gave me boost when I got a like or comment…but it didn’t help me get closer to my real life friends and it definitely didn’t help me get closer to my girlfriend (now wife).

Coming out of the Covid-era, this problem was amplified as I found new communities would struggle finding a place to post upcoming events, emails would get lost in spam, and new members would forget to check social channels to see updates.

I realized a new type of network needed to be made. Where we combine an everyday tool (the calendar) with a social network. Today, we need a way to organize and mobilize a plan with friends we actually want to see…and most importantly…We need to actually connect on a deeper level than just a highlight reel of photos and videos.

Bizzy was born out of a personal need to organize my personal life. To remember date nights and pin down and keep track of hangouts way in the future. I wanted to make planning fun. Sending a google calendar invite felt too formal and email is so bloated I missed (or forgot about) great invites to birthdays.

We hope you enjoy using Bizzy and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any suggestions or questions! (erick@joinbizzy.com)


Our Values

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Deeper Relationships

We have enough followers. Let’s make time for the people we actually want to see.

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Family members don’t need to know about weekend plans and work friends don’t need to know about doctor appointments. Our team personally uses bizzy, so we care about what info is public and how it’s used.

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Saving Time

We hate the back and forth of switching between apps. So our goal is to be the end to end network for discovering, communicating, and locking down plans.

Meet Our Team Members

The passionate people behind bizzy. We're here if you need us!
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